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EMILY’s List is bringing our decades of experience online to help you run a winning campaign.

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  • 安卓手机改ip地址软件 Created with Sketch. STEP 1: Before you run

    We’ll walk you through how to make the decision to run, find the race that’s right for you, and set yourself up for success when you decide to take the leap and put your name on the ballot.

  • 安卓手机改ip地址软件 Created with Sketch. STEP 2: Launching

    Once you’ve decided that you’re running, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make your campaign run as smoothly as possible, including building an election timeline, setting up a budget, and hiring an all-star team.

  • 安卓手机改ip地址软件 Created with Sketch. STEP 3: Winning

    EMILY’s List doesn’t just want you to run; we want you to win. Our lessons will teach you the ins and outs of running a winning campaign including how to fundraise, how to write a field plan, and how to work with the media.


“EMILY's List is nothing more than the profound and fundamental belief
that women change the world.”

- Stacey Abrams Former Georgia house minority leader and candidate for governor (GA)

“I would not be here as a United States senator if it it had not been for EMILY.”

- Barbara Mikulski Former U.S. Senator (MD)

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- Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senator (MA)
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Get the benefit of decades of collected experience running and winning. If you’re a pro-choice Democratic woman, EMILY’s List wants to help you win.


The Training Center is brought to you in partnership with: AFT, AFSCME, ActBlue, NEA, SEIU, and UFCW

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